How to Create an Event

The Kimura® platform for events is designed to function autonomously. Users can create a manager account and create as many events as they wish.

Events can be competitions or training sessions.

You can view the conditions for using the platform here.

After creating and activating a manager account, you can create an event by giving it a name and filling in the remaining fields, such as: date and location of the event, start and end date of registrations, registration limit, contacts, etc.

In the manager menu, you have the following options:

Button to turn on/off event visibility on the platform.

Event creation and configuration is free; payment is only necessary when you want to make the event visible.

Using the competition module, you can configure:

OK. Let's get started!
I don't have any open manager account and I want to create one
OK, I already have a manager account and I want to create a new event

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